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County: Wake

Number of Bathrooms: 2

Number of Bedrooms: 4

Square Footage: 1,307 sq. ft.


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  • Conditioned/sealed crawl space w/ HVAC equipment in conditioned crawl; drain to daylight installed at low point.
  • Radon-ready passive mitigation system installed.
  • Advanced framing techniques including raised-heel trusses, insulated headers, raised attic platforms, extended gable end overhangs, and continuous rigid exterior insulation.
  • Air sealing including sill seal & bottom plate caulking, sealing of all penetrations & cracks in building shell, rigid air barriers installed & sealed at all chases.
  • Recycled cotton denim blue jean insulation for wall cavities
  • Upgraded insulation techniques including sill seal vertical face of all interior & exterior wall top plates; attic baffles installed allowing min. 8” insulation out over top plates; foam insulation around windows/doors; bucket mastic to seal all HVAC connections.
  • All ventilation ducts insulated & terminating beyond exterior skin of home; bath fans minimum 50CFM; kitchen fans minimum 100CFM & direct vent; use of transfer grills & jumper ducts for pressure balancing.
  • WaterSense low flow/water-conserving plumbing appliances & equipment: toilets not exceeding 1.3GPF, showerheads not exceeding 2.25GPM, kitchen faucets not exceeding 2.2 GPM, bath faucets not exceeding 1.5 GPM.
  • Energy Star appliances provided as a donation in partnership w/ Whirlpool including dishwasher, range, and refrigerator. No incandescent lights used, all lighting minimum CFL, mostly LED.
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